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Introducing Skan Logistics​

Skan Logistics is a complete industry field-based solution company, backed by more than 100 years of combined experience in supplying services to the oil and gas industry. Skan is locally owned and operated and is one of the industry’s most sought-after employers. The company promises its clients a prompt and reliable 24/7 response, modern and innovative equipment, and qualified and experienced personnel.  

​Skan has grown to over 80 staff and more than 100 assets including a dominating fleet of trucks, and has forged an industry-leading reputation for providing a complimentary suite of services.

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NHVAS accreditation

Skan is accredited for Maintenance Management under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) which is governed by the Heavy Vehicle National Law. This allows Skan as a heavy vehicle operator to take responsibility for maintaining its vehicles, ensuring they are safe and can operate within the community and on public roads with a significantly decreased level of risk.​

The NHVAS accreditation also improves productivity and efficiency, which enables the company to provide more services in a timely manner for clients. Skan has reduced the impact of enforcement and enjoys a positive relationship with enforcement agencies that govern our public roads.

The Skan Difference

Skan can deliver complete field-based, project specific solutions for all your transport, logistics and fluid movement needs. As your end-to-end service provider, we can support your project from start-up to completion. Our infield management team can work with you to deliver transport and logistics plans to ensure project efficiency and reduce

non-productive time. We deliver 24/7 operations through a team of experienced managers, supervisors and operators who have extensive experience across many industry sectors.

Skan’s experienced personnel specialise in Logistics and Supply Chain, Oversize Haulage and Over mass, Transport Operations, Drilling Workover, fluid handling, storage, Large

Volume Water Haulage, Safety Management, Environmental Management, Government and Regulatory Approvals, Public Health Management, Pipe and and Tubular Haulage, International Logistics and Custom Clearances.

Our Equipment

Every vehicle is fitted with Navman Wireless in vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) which allows for real time monitoring of driver safety behaviour and delivers a powerful reporting capability. This is coupled with video monitoring cameras.

Each vehicle is compliant to Safer Together requirements in the resource sector and CSG master code.


Our Services​

Serving a diverse base of top tier companies and resource industry clients, Skan provides the following 


Potable Water

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive Potable Water Safety Management System which provides a systematic framework for managing the significant risks associated with supplying drinking water to remote sites. Our potable water fleet and water sources are tested for comparison with the health guidelines of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011. We are proud to be a leading company in this industry with our potable water assurance program

Vacuum Tankers

Skan’s vacuum tankers are equipped to transport production water, drilling fluids, drilling muds, frac fluids, chemicals also raw and treated effluent. Custom-built to allow for maximum product cartage, they include full hydraulic rear opening doors, tipping chassis trailers and ridged-mounted sealed rear tankers. Our vacuum hoses

are certified, pressurised and interlocked above industry standards. On-board weight gauges enable the driver to load in accordance with the legal road requirements. All tankers comply with the strict design requirements prescribed by state Environmental Protection Regulations for transporting regulated waste. Skan can supply the tankers in all combinations, including semi-trailer, B-double and road train combinations


Our truck pushers conduct a road survey before every drilling or completions rig move to ensure any hazards are highlighted or eliminated and that heavy vehicle permits meet the required road conditions and ensure that any required pilot vehicles are informed of the task to deliver a safe and efficient move. Our truck pushers also conduct their daily operations closely with our professional heavy vehicle operators in loading and unloading the vehicles and that all load restraint is meet to the strictest level


We cater for

  • Rig/camp relocation

  • Specialised Freight

  • General oil & gas field freight

  • Hot shot services

  • Tilt tray services

  • Truck pusher & field supervisor services


  • Mobile & trailered frac tanks

  • EWP units

  • Field transfer pumps

  • Onsite storage trailers



Weed & hygiene services







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