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Skan is a supplier and manager of Durabase (rig matting) for a wide variety of oil and gas industry projects. Durabase mats are ideal for all-weather ground cover and can be used in rainy and boggy conditions for the continuation of operations without serious damage to earth flooring and the surrounding environment. The mats can also be used for dry land access and in response to environmental requests to ensure quick “return-to-original-state” of the earth flooring.

Skans management of Durabase operations includes:

  • Transportation, installation and removal of mats

  • A storage facility for non-allocated mats

  • Condition reporting on deliveries and removal of mats

  • Wash down of mats with our engineered mat washing unit which includes certificates supplied by Skan from our accredited washdown certificate inspectors.


These services are managed by our experienced rig matting coordinators who liaise direct with the field for all matting requests and operations.

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