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When it’s a big load, call Skan. We specialise in moving large equipment, rig and camp transportation and relocation, as well as specialised freight. We haul mobile plant equipment, drill rigs, rig operations equipment, special purpose equipment, mobile cranes and more.

Large quantity camp movements are no problem thanks to our innovative rig/camp movement processes. Our safe and reliable heavy haulage fleet for oversized equipment includes 60 tonne quad floats, 55 tone widening float and Super 27 tonne tilt. We also have custom built equipment available for diverse camos (swing lifts/winch).

Benefits of our heavy haulage offering include:

  • Services available 24/7 and co-ordinated for minimal disturbance

  • Highly experienced drivers and supervisors, trained in diverse operations

  • Trucking and industry experience and knowledge

  • Professionalism - we take the lead, always communicate and are dedicated to providing you with solutions.

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