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Skan has a fleet of vacuum tankers to collect and safely transport various forms of liquid waste for our clients. We have extensive experience in liquid waste handling.

Skans liquid transport services include effluent removal from camp sites, drilling fluids, production water, storm water collection, bulk water handling (including dust suppression) and distribution of various liquid forms for recycling to minimise our client’s environmental impacts and carbon footprint.

Effluent handling

Skan specialises in effluent handling for remote locations. We use specific-to-purpose, Australian custom-built equipment and our single and road train combinations have a lighter tare weight that allows our vehicles to cart more liquid. As well as the mining and resources sector, we also provide a domestic service supporting rural residential communities.

The benefits of our service include:

  • Superior maintenance systems and quicker turnover

  • In-house design and engineering by a vac tank specialist

  • Multiple immediate back up services

  • Professional personnel with prior in-house training at Skan

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