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Skan is committed to delivering quality potable water and takes full responsibility for our role in ensuring safety throughout the potable water supply chain.

We use food grade lined tankers – both single and road trains – and hold a food grade license. Our potable hoses are certified, pressurised and interlocked above industry standards. We also go beyond the standard license condition for potable water to make doubly sure that your water remains safe and suitable for human consumption from the original source through delivery to the remotest sites.

Working with independent public health specialists, Skan has developed a comprehensive Potable Water Safety Management System (PWSMS). This includes monthly testing of equipment and water sources and a thorough health risk assessment based on the principles of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011. We are proud to be leading the industry with this potable water quality assurance program to ensure that we always deliver safe water to your site.

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