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Skan provides rig and camp relocation services to drilling companies, construction companies and other industry service companies. Our modern, effective and diverse transport equipment caters for individual rig and camp setups, including bed truck operations for skip mounted assets and swing lift operations for container and twist lock equipment setups.

Skan can supply services from the very beginning of your project, including collection of assets from the wharf and mobilising and demobilising the equipment to the specified locations. We provide ongoing support services during this time by completing infield relocations in relation to the client movements and operations. This also includes supply of potable water, effluent removal and vacuum tanker support services.

Skan supervisors and operating personnel on every rig or camp relocation project are highly trained, experienced and dedicated to a safe workplace. Our people are some of the most experienced in the industry and we’re proud to have them on the Skan team.

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