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Skan vacuum tanker fleet ranges from full hydraulic rear opening door and tipping chassis trailers to ridged-mounted sealed rear tankers.

Our vacuum tankers are equipped to transport production water, drilling fluids, drilling muds, frac fluids, RO treated water, raw and treated effluent. All tankers comply with the Environmental Protection Act when transporting fluids, and on-board weight gauges enable the driver to load in accordance with the legal road requirements.

Sizes range from 400 cfm to 1120 cfm and all tankers are able to vacuum load and volume discharge. The tankers are custom-built to allow for maximum product cartage from 20,000 to 23,000 litres depending on the density of the fluid being carried.


Skan can supply the tankers in all combinations from 1x semi-trailer combination, B-Double combinations to 3x semi-trailer road train combinations. Our vacuum hoses are certified, pressurised and interlocked above industry standards.

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